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Which Door Should I Use?

Which Door Should I Use?

Sep 10, 2017

Passage: Revelation 3:7-8

Preacher: Dale Wolf

Series: God's Opened and Closed Doors


I want to invite you to worship with us at the Lighthouse as we celebrate our 4th birthday! I will also be starting a new series titled: God's Opened and Closed Doors. I am really excited. I will give you a little hint of what we will be focusing on. God's primary will for your life is the person you become. Therefore, Gods opened doors have more to do with your character formation than the circumstances of your life. Oh, its going to be fun!


Action Plan:

1.    What door of growth is before you today?  What it is…it could be joining a new group; working on an addiction or a relationship; maybe it’s starting to deal more intently with a mental illness or depression; perhaps it’s not a career decision, but just to apply for a job.  Identify your “door”.

2.    Reflect on your attitude, we can choose our attitude or perspective no matter how doors open/close.  Journal on it or ask someone you trust.